Live stream example produced by AVdesign. The Grand Opening of LEGO House. This live streaming contains 3 different settings which all could stand alone or like here be combined, depending on the message and the "look 'n' feel" you want. First part of the video is one camera handheld. Second part is a multi-camera setting live from the stage. Last part is simple multicamera Q&A session. Let us know your need for your live streaming and for sure we can help you.

Live production and streaming
We handle both small and large live productions, conference streaming, product presentations, press conferences, lectures and many other types of events.

At AVdesign, we want to be the first partner that comes to mind, when you need to broadcast live, whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube or another platform.

We believe that the core of successful collaboration is understanding and clear communication between all those involved. At AVdesign, we are always available to discuss your needs, and together we can find the solution that works best for you within the given settings.

We deliver broadcast quality and our team, equipment and know-how makes us unique in Denmark. We can provide many different solutions from small PA systems to a full streaming setup with multiple cameras.

We will always find the best solution for your needs.